The Poet and the Peasant an operetta by Franz von Suppé

The Poet and the Peasant an operetta by Franz von Suppé

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The Poet and the Peasant   an operetta by Franz von Suppé (1819–1895), Austrian conductor and  composer of popular operettas. pompano  any of various edible, marine North American and West Indian jack fishes. porte cochère  a large entrance gateway into a courtyard. programme  the acts, speeches, and musical pieces that make up an entertainment or ceremony. prunella  a strong worsted twill, used, especially formerly, as for clerical gowns, shoe uppers, and so  on. quadroon  a person who has one black grandparent; child of a mulatto and a white. Quartier Français  French Quarter, also known as the Old Quarter; the oldest part of New Orleans  and the area in which most New Orleans' Creoles lived. recapitulate  to repeat briefly, as in an outline; summarize. reception day  one day each week, an upper-class woman was expected to stay home and receive 
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Unformatted text preview: visitors. The day of the week was established when a woman married, and custom demanded she entertain on that day from then on. Rgime (17661803) the period of time when the Spanish ruled the territory containing New Orleans. repose to lie at rest. rockaway a light horse-drawn carriage with four wheels, open sides, and a standing top. scantling a small beam or timber, especially one of small cross section, as a two-by-four. scintillant that gives off sparks; that flashes or sparkles. sea-drift driftwood, wood drifting in the water, or that has been washed ashore. Svres a type of fine French porcelain. shallow-pate a person lacking depth or intelligence....
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