This chapter contains another of Lewis

This chapter contains another of Lewis - This chapter...

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Unformatted text preview: This chapter contains another of Lewis' sharp-edged portraits of smart, modern living, here exemplified by the Rieslings' apartment. The hidden sink, the hidden refrigerator, and the hidden bed are all caricatured. But the tone of the satire changes as soon as Zilla Riesling begins speaking. Bleached and rigidly corseted, Zilla Riesling shrieks, gibbers, and howls. She bays; her voice is a "dagger of corroded brass." She revels in ridiculing her husband's quietness; she is "vicious in the name of virtue," and she wallows in melodramatic, egotistical shame after Babbitt chastises her. In contrast, Paul Riesling is a quiet man, rubbing his fingers and twitching his hands; Mrs. Babbitt is maternal, fussy but placid, and she condemns her avenging husband for his outburst; and Babbitt himself is smug about his success in taming the shrew. We enjoy watching Zilla receive Babbitt's himself is smug about his success in taming the shrew....
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