Toward the end of his senior year

Toward the end of his senior year - Toward the end of his...

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Unformatted text preview: Toward the end of his senior year, Ted has a party at home for his classmates. Babbitt and Myra try to be helpful, but they soon learn that the youngsters do not appreciate their efforts. In addition, Babbitt is scandalized to discover that the teenagers drink and smoke and behave in what he feels is an unhealthy "adult manner." Howard Littlefield, Eunice's father, drops in on the party for a while, and he is as shocked as Babbitt. He takes his daughter home. Babbitt's family problems increase when Myra's parents sell their house and move to a downtown hotel; now, every week or so, Babbitt has to spend a dull evening with them because they are lonely. Babbitt's mother, who still lives in the rural up-state village of Catawba, where he was born, decides to visit Zenith. She stays at his house for nearly a month and constantly embarrasses him by telling to visit Zenith....
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