When Edna reaches Madame Ratignolle

When Edna reaches Madame Ratignolle - When Edna reaches...

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Unformatted text preview: When Edna reaches Madame Ratignolle's, she finds her friend exhausted and overwrought in her labor pains. Dr. Mandelet and a midwife also attend the birth. Edna regrets attending; the birth is a harrowing scene. Edna's own childbirth experiences do not provide useful perspective, because she was drugged with chloroform for the pain. After the birth is over and she prepares to leave, Madame Ratignolle whispers dramatically to her "Think of the children, Edna . . . Remember them!" Madame Ratignolle plays a provocative role in this chapter. She asked for Edna's company during her labor and delivery only as source a solace to herself. However, the incredible pain and drama of childbirth serves as a lesson to Edna, showing her what she herself actually went through — and accomplished — during her own birth experiences, which were fogged by the use of chloroform as...
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