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VR SIDDHARTHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE Department of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DATA STRUCTURES HOME ASSIGNMENT(5 MARKS) __________________________________________________________________ PLAGIARISM IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED Last date of submission:NOVEMBER 29 2011. __________________________________________________________________ Part-A(Submittable in MOODLE) Choose any one question form Part -A. __________________________________________________________________ 1.Write an algorithm and C function to transform a postfix expression in to prefix one. How much time and space does your function take. 2.Write a C program to determine if parenthesis in an expression are properly nested. 3.Design and build a linked allocation system to represent and manipulate polynomials .you should use circularly linked lists with header nodes. Each turn of the polynomial will be represented as a node. Using the following structure coefficient exponent Link Functions to be included are: P rtead: input’s polynomiant and convert to its circular representation. P write: output a polynomial and display clearly. P sub: compute C=a-b. 4.Use a linked list to implement a telephone directory information of a predescribed structure. (Note:IF u are comfortable u can use files for efficient program)
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5.Programme 'Game of Life' by John Conway in C. There are a couple of rules to the game. These are: - Each cell with one or more neighbours dies - Each cell with 4 or more dies - Each cell with 2 or 3 lives. 6.Write a simple castle building program
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