Chapter 8 notes - Chapter 8 Managing Employees Performance...

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Chapter 8 Managing Employees’ Performance Performance management - the process through which managers ensure that employees’ activities and outputs contribute to the organization’s goals Defining performance measuring performance feedback Purposes of performance management Strategic - helps organization achieve business objectives Administrative - the ways in which organizations use the system to provide information for day-to-day decisions about salary, benefits, and recognition programs Development - serves as a basis for developing employees’ knowledge and skills Criteria for effective performance management Fit with strategy - aim at achieving employee behavior and attitudes that support the organization’s strategy, goals, and culture Validity - whether the appraisal measures all the relevant aspects of performance and omits irrelevant aspects of performance Reliability - the consistency of the results that the performance measure will deliver o Interrater reliability - consistency of results when more than one person measure performance. Ex: asking to rate from 1-5 will be different interpretations depending on who is scoring employees o Test-retest - consistency of results over time. Can determine if employee’s performance has truly changed over time if it is consistent. Acceptability - must be acceptable to the people who use it Specific feedback - should specifically tell employees what is expected of them and how they can meet those expectations Methods for measuring performance Making comparisons o Simple ranking - requires managers to rank employees in their group from the
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Chapter 8 notes - Chapter 8 Managing Employees Performance...

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