Chapter 14 notes 2 - Chapter 14 Collective Bargaining &...

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Chapter 14 Unions - organizations formed for the purpose of representing their member’s interests in dealing with employers Labor relations - field that emphasizes skills that managers and union leaders can use to minimize costly forms of conflict (such as strikes) and seek win-win solutions to disagreements Role of unions and labor relations Three levels of decisions: 1. Labor relations strategy - whether the organization will work with unions or develop nonunion operations 2. Negotiating contracts - decisions about pay structure, job security, work rules, workplace safety 3. Administering contracts National and international unions o Craft union - labor union whose members all have a particular skill or occupation. Limit number to maintain high wages o Industrial unions - labor union whose members are linked by their work in a particular industry. Organize as many employees as possible o American federation of labor and congress of industrial organizations (AFL- CIO) - an association that seeks to advance the shared interests of its member unions at the national level Local unions o Union steward - an employee elected by union members to represent them in ensuring that the terms of the labor contract are enforced Trends in union memberships (decline of union membership factors) o Change in the structure of the economy o Management efforts to control costs o Human resource practices o Government regulation Unions in government o Remained strong o Strikes are illegal for federal and most state workers o At local levels, all states prohibit strikes by police and firefighters o Teachers and state employees are somewhat more likely to have the right to strike
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Chapter 14 notes 2 - Chapter 14 Collective Bargaining &...

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