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Chapter 15 notes - Chapter 15 Managing Human Resources...

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Chapter 15 Managing Human Resources Globally Parent country - the country in which an organization’s headquarters is located. Examples: GM headquarters is in Michigan, the US is the parent country Host country - a country (other than the parent country) in which an organization operates a facility Third country - a country that is neither the parent country nor the host country. Example: GM’s operations in Great Britain hires an Australian manager. Expatriates - employees assigned to work in another country International organization - an organization that sets up one or a few facilities in one or a few foreign countries Multinational organization - an organization that builds facilities in a number a different countries in an effort to minimize production and distribution costs Global organization - an organization that chooses to locate a facility based on the ability to effectively, efficiently, and flexibly produce a product or service, using cultural differences as an advantage Transitional HRM system
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