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432.1- Fall'11 - BUS 432 - Negotiations Fall 2011...

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BUS 432 - Negotiations Fall 2011 Professor: Earl Hill Time Office: Room 563 GBS Office Hours: Tue & Thur 1:00pm – 3:30pm Phone (404)727-2595 E-mail: Earl_Hill@bus.emory.edu Description Negotiation is clearly used in a number of ways within our personal, professional, and academic lives. In order to further develop your competency as a negotiator, we will engage in a number of negotiation simulations and exercises which are designed to provide you the opportunity to practice, and thereby improve, your negotiation skills. You will learn to identify and assess the variables in negotiations, develop sound negotiation planning techniques, develop an understanding of various strategies and tactics to use as you ethically negotiate and resolve conflicts. The course format is highly participative and will use role plays and exercises to enable you to try out new negotiation behaviors, techniques, and strategies in different situations. You will work toward enhancing your negotiation skills by learning to plan for an effective negotiation and by improving your communication skills and persuasive abilities. Objectives As a result of this course, you should: Achieve better day-to-day outcomes in negotiations and resolving conflicts Become more proficient in group problem solving and decision making Enhance your leadership skills More easily reach consensus with people working around you, and Better understand how to reflect and learn from your experience. Materials Getting to Yes , Fisher & Ury. 1
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Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Other materials will be handed out in class Grading Final grades will follow the recommended grade distribution for BBA Elective courses: A 15%-25%, A- 15%-25% (A & A- not to exceed 40%), B+ 15%-25%, B 15%-25%, B- Course grades will be based on the following components: Component Points 1) Attendance 500 2) Mid-Term Exam 200 3) Graded Negotiation #1 50 Graded Negotiation #2 50 Graded Negotiation #3 50 4) Journal Entries 50 5) Final Paper 100 Total 1000 Your grade will be based on the 1000 points described above in the component section. Your grade will be based on your cumulative point total:
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432.1- Fall'11 - BUS 432 - Negotiations Fall 2011...

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