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DISCLAIMERS NOTE: 1. Due to a change in the course format from four exams to three exams, the practice exams prior to Fall 2010 in this file do not correspond to this semester’s exams. Although all items are relevant to the current exams, there are more or fewer items here for each exam than will be on the actual exams (60 items each on MT1, MT2 and the final). 2. Due to the addition of some material and deletion of other material, some of the page numbers in the practice exam answer keys for the Lecture-based questions (those marked with L) are only approximate.
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Unformatted text preview: Generally, they are within a few pages of the material in the current noteshells. The page number references for text-based questions (marked with T or just a number with no letter) should be reasonably accurate, though the page numbers may vary a bit from edition to edition of the text. More importantly, a few of the questions included here relate to material that is no longer covered in the course. Additional practice exam items can be found on the course website. 3. Material contained here may NOT be used as the basis for appealing examination questions....
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