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Maths 510 - Mathematics 510 Fall Semester 2011 Section 1:...

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Mathematics 510 Fall Semester 2011 Instructor Information Instructor : Sum Chow Office : 340 TMCB Office Hours : M W 01:00 pm - 01:50 pm Office Hours : Th 09:00 am - 10:00 am Office Phone : 801-422-9088 Email : [email protected] Course Information Required Vendor Price (new) Price (used) NUMERICAL LINEAR ALGEBRA By TREFETHEN, L ISBN: 9780898713619 BYU $69.00 $51.75 Optional Vendor Price (new) Price (used) Applied Numerical Linear Algebra (1st edition) By James W. Demmel ISBN: 9780898713893 SIAM (1997-08-01) Amazon $54.55 $44.15 Matrix Computations (Johns Hopkins Studies in Mathematical Sciences)(3rd Edition) (3rd) By Gene H. Golub ISBN: 9780801854149 The Johns Hopkins University Press (1996-10-15) "The bible": very comprehensive reference Amazon $40.46 $23.82 A Multigrid Tutorial (2nd edition) By William L. Briggs ISBN: 9780898714623 SIAM: Society for Industrial and Amazon $55.41 $78.74
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Applied Mathematics (2000-07-01) Numerical Linear Algebra (Texts in Applied Mathematics) (1st edition) By Grégoire Allaire ISBN: 9780387341590 Springer (2007-12-05) Online version accessible on campus Amazon $19.47 $8.00 Description To introduce students to the three major problems in linear algebra and the various numerical algorithms for solving these problems. We will seek to develop an in-depth understanding of theoretical and computational aspects of the numerical algorithms: convergence, stability, efficiency, etc. (More details available at .) Prerequisites Math 343 , Math 410 , or equivalents. Programming skill strongly preferred. Learning Outcomes Numerical matrix algebra, orthogonalization, etc. This course is designed to prepare students to solve linear algebra problems arising from many applications such as mathematical models of physical or engineering processes. Students are introduced to modern concepts and methodologies in numerical linear algebra, with particular emphasis on t methods that can be used to solve very large scale problems. In depth discussion of theoretical aspects such as stability and convergence will be used to enhance student understanding of the numerical methods. Students will also be required to perform some programming and computation so as to gain experience in implementing and observing the numerical performance of the various numerical methods. The course addresses the University goal of developing the skills of sound thinking, effective
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This note was uploaded on 11/28/2011 for the course MATH 510 taught by Professor Sumchow during the Fall '11 term at BYU.

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Maths 510 - Mathematics 510 Fall Semester 2011 Section 1:...

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