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5.74 RWF Lecture #6 6 – 1 Dynamical Quantities: Visualization of Dynamics Last time: absorption spectrum Id t i E t t vg v i i gg ′′ −∞ = π −+ () [] ( ) exp ( ) ( ) , ωω 1 2 0 h ΨΨ The autocorrelation function of the wavepacket created by a short pulse at t = 0 generates the absorption spectrum. Our picture is usually in coordinate space only. What is missing? We get a microscopic, particle-like picture (F = ma = p · ) that explains the qualitative features of the autocorrelation function. Identifies the local features of the V e potential that account for the important features in the absorption spectrum. Could we get the same information in a time domain experiment? Certainly. Short pulse pump/probe. We need to create the wavepacket and thus monitor its time evolving overlap with its t = 0 self. How would we do such an experiment? What would we observe? Would there be additional effects that might complicate the picture? One color pump/probe? What do we detect? fluorescence? ionization? absorption? Two color pump/probe? contains exp / , iE t ev e h initial state formed by a photon pluck MIT Department of Chemistry 5.74, Spring 2004: Introductory Quantum Mechanics II Instructor: Prof. Robert Field
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5.74 RWF Lecture #6 6 – 2 Let's discuss experimental schemes. Discussion of observation of |⟨Ψ (t) (0) ⟩| 2 directly in a time domain experiment: 1. One-color pump-probe: τ 2 1 signal (either absorption or stimulated emission) observed by pulse 2 2. One-color pump-probe with polarization selectivity. * first pulse is circularly polarized * second pulse is linearly polarized. It is incident on a crossed polarizer. The spatial
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06_lecnotes_rwf - MIT Department of Chemistry 5.74 Spring...

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