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Personal Energy Calculator Developed by Dr. Walter Ernst in 2002 for the Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES), Edited by Dr. Jeffrey Steinfeld and Beth Conlin. Please enter consumption estimates for the following tasks. Use the provided conversion units to convert to kWh. Task Conversion Factor Household: Direct energy: residence - area heated m 2 x 25-170 kWh/m 2 y = kWh/y residence - area air conditioned m 2 x 5-15 kWh/m 2 y = residence - electricity m 2 x 18-28 kWh/m2y = Indirect energy: residence - total used area m 2 x 55-67 kWh/m 2 y = Total Household kWh/y Mobility Car Direct energy: fuel [Liter gasoline per year] L/y x 12 kWh/L = Indirect energy: km driven per year km/y x 1.2-1.4 kWh/km = car weight kg x 5.3 kWh/kgy = Public Transport Train km/y x .5-.9 kWh/km = Bus/Boat km/y x .15-.8 kWh/km = Aircraft [hours per year]
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Unformatted text preview: h/y x 500-1000 kWh/h = Total Mobility kWh/y Nutrition (consumed per year) Select one of the following: 2000-4000 kWh/y = Non-Vegetarian 14850 kWh/y = Vegetarian 10600 kWh/y = Vegan 7600 kWh/y = Total Nutrition kWh/y Private Consumption Higher Education and Employment (see guidance) Furniture and Appliances (total value) US$ x .14 kWh/US$y = Clothes, shoes purchased per year US$/y x .1 kWh/US$ = Computer and Internet Use hrs/y x .2 kW = Total Private Consumption kWh/y Public Consumption 1,000-10,000 kWh/y = kWh/y Grand Total kWh/y CO 2 Emissions Estimate x 0.22 kg CO 2 /kWh ≈ CO 2 /y Demand per person and year [kWh/y] (Grand Total) Consumption (Metric conversions below) (see guidance) (see guidance) 1 ft 2 ≈ 0.1m 2 ; 1 US gallon = 3.8 Liters; 1 mile = 1.6km; 1 US pound = 0.453kg...
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