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5.92 Potential Projects MIT Campus Wind Study The aim of the project is to perform a feasibility study, and possibly initial planning for a number of wind options at MIT. Some specific possibilities include: Feasibility study for installation of a medium-sized wind turbine (on a mast) on the MIT Sailing Pavilion (the pavilion has been the focus of a feasibility study on a major renovation that includes the possibility of a mast-mounted turbine and a ground-source heat pump, though these two elements have not been studied in detail) Siting and economic assessment for AeroVironment's “Architectural Wind” building-mounted turbines on one or more MIT buildings, particularly including Pierce Boathouse A large part of the project will deal with wind measurement. We could attempt a broad wind study of the MIT campus (focusing on roofs), and use the study to support the installation of one or a combination of wind harnessing devices. The opportunity to connect site-specific data to regional wind patterns might be interesting for a fluid dynamics study. Conducting a wind study will require proper instrumentation. Wind speed (but not direction) is measured on W20, and there is some speculation as to whether there is a functional anemometer on the Boathouse, Sailing Pavilion, or the Green Building, but MIT Facilities does not have wind meters waiting to be installed. We would need to pursue the existing instruments noted above, and/or acquire or develop needed instruments. We could: work with Second Wind in Somerville – they are interested in lending expertise, perhaps equipment purchase and install a wind meter (approximately $5000 expense, rough estimate) develop our own sensors (likely a headache, but could be interesting for the build-types in the class if there are any) The measurement portion of this project is solid. The analysis component can be concretized by specifying the desired end product, e.g. a formal wind study, financial analysis, etc. MIT Fleet Study
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project_list - 5.92 Potential Projects MIT Campus Wind...

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