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Reflection Paper #1: Your impact on energy and the environment Billions of tons of carbon are released into the atmosphere every year by human action. An international panel of experts now agrees it is very likely that this is causing the Earth to warm, with unknown but potentially catastrophic consequences. But what does that mean to me? Consider in this reflection paper how you affect global climate change. Discuss your energy use and think about its connection to the planet. How can energy expenditures be
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Unformatted text preview: justified in the context of global climate change? What benefits come from my use of energy? What are the costs? What difference does it make if I turn off a few lights? Is it fair that I fly home for the holidays? How does this affect my carbon emissions? Can my local actions have a global impact? This paper should be 500-600 words (2 pages). You may choose to write more, but 500 carefully chosen words will be more highly regarded than a more voluminous but less cogent essay....
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