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rflctn_ppr_2 - aspects of the energy system Are there...

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5.92 Spring 2007 Energy, Environment & Society Reflection Paper #2 Analyze your project in terms of systems concepts in this reflection paper. The following questions are to be used as a guide in writing the paper. How does your project fit into the bigger picture? What effects can your project have outside of its direct scope? What stakeholders have an interest in the project? How does your project relate to other
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Unformatted text preview: aspects of the energy system? Are there limits imposed by the energy system on your project? Does your project enter into any kind of feedback loop? This paper should be 500-600 words (2 pages, double spaced). You may choose to write more, but 500 carefully chosen words will be more highly regarded than a more voluminous but less cogent essay....
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