wind_exec_sum - Energy, Environment and Society (5.92)...

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Energy, Environment and Society (5.92) Student Project Results Disclaimer The following document was created by undergraduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of a Spring 2007 class “Energy, Environment and Society”. The report, which includes data that were collected and analyzed by students as part of an intensive educational experience, is not intended to be comprehensive or conclusive. The conclusions of this student report should not be interpreted as being endorsed by MIT or any parties involved in this study. All data and analyses should be confirmed prior to use in the implementation of any energy installation. No licensed engineers or architects participated in the creation of this analysis.
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Bates, Fox, McCusker, Pesce 3 Executive Summary The purpose of this project was to assess the viability of small scale wind power as a means for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to economically reduce its usage of dirty, non-renewable energy. We find that, although most of campus is a sub par resource, some
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wind_exec_sum - Energy, Environment and Society (5.92)...

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