Using MSWord for peer reviews

Using MSWord for peer reviews - About Peer Reviews....

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About Peer Reviews. Whenever you first write an argument, you are trying to express your ideas and thoughts. How can you tell whether these ideas are clear? By reading what you have written and more importantly, by having someone else read and ask you questions, and give you feedback about what works or doesn’t work in your paper. Participating in peer reviews is essential to the writing process: it will help to sharpen your argument, to recognize that you have made assumptions which your readers may not share and to see your writing with a fresh perspective. When you participate in a peer review in a physical classroom, you can mark on hard copies of your classmate’s work. In this virtual classroom, you will mark on the electronic document. As with the classroom, there are rules for what you can and cannot do. Read the guidelines below before beginning peer review. Guidelines: It is difficult to rewrite a hard copy but electronic documents seem to offer the possibility. Don’t rewrite the essay you are reading . And don’t attempt to copy parts of the document or even the document itself – see the rules for
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Using MSWord for peer reviews - About Peer Reviews....

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