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Organizational Thesis - Janamanchi 1 Organizational Thesis...

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Janamanchi 1 Organizational Thesis . What is it? Used when writing reports or summaries, an organizational thesis is often just a sentence or two which prepares the reader for the information that is to come. How is it different from an argumentative thesis? Organizational Argumentative Offers focus for varied information Offers a point of view / opinion Description of positions taken Takes a position Used in report / summaries Used in expository essays. How do I devise one? Here are some ways in which you can structure a thesis for a review: Is there a difference in the way the issue is perceived over a period of time? If so, your thesis will: Establish chronological order . The thesis lets the reader know that you will discuss the articles based on when they were written. Example: While the issue of immigration has always been divisive, articles written around before the present crisis have address economic issues more than social ones.
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