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Opening remarks

Opening remarks - time the phrase “a lot” can be...

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Lecture topic: Opening Remarks I want to welcome all of you to class, and let you know that I am happy you have decided to enroll in this course. My goals for you are very straight-forward, and I believe you should adopt them as your goals. You should demonstrate improvement in your writing, research, and documentation skills. Your writing should be progressively free of sentence level errors that involve punctuation and grammar, and it should acquire a more scholarly tone, which means that your prose should not read as though it is an informal conversation between two friends, but rather like a more formal academic essay. For example, if you were to write a sentence that reads: “There are a lot of problems with this viewpoint,” it should be revised to read: “There are many problems with this viewpoint.” The revision demonstrates but a minor change: the word “many” was substituted for the phrase “a lot,” which does not sound very scholarly. Most of the
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Unformatted text preview: time the phrase “a lot” can be revised by merely substituting the one of the following words: “many,” “most,” or “much.” For the research and documentation part of this course, you will work closely with A Pocket Style Manual and Writing from Sources . I also suggest that you take the time to review the next assignment sheet the day after you submit an assignment. Because we are working under a really narrow time frame, this kind of preparation will prevent any nasty surprises the night before any work is due. I will be maintaining virtual office hours on MWF 10:30 -11:30 am on the Chat feature in D2L. During other days and times please use e-mail. I will attempt to reply all emails within 24 hours except on weekends (that means Friday evening after 5pm until Sunday). Above all, remember that I am here to help you. Once again, welcome to class and I look forward to working with you in this “virtual environment.”...
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Opening remarks - time the phrase “a lot” can be...

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