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Grading handout. Comments and FAQs: APSM = A Pocket Style Manual 1. Why is my “works cited” entry highlighted? a. See A Pocket Style Manual for correct format for a works cited entry. 2. Why are some words in red font? a. These are corrections that I have made during grading – they are usually errors that you might catch during proofreading. 3. What does yellow highlighting mean? a. Repeat error. Look for the first time the highlighting appears and then see what the error is by looking at the marginal comments. 4. What do the numbers in the comment box mean? They refer to the common errors. 5. Common Errors a) Always use a signal phrase to introduce a quotation. See Howard and Taggart as well as APSM for how to integrate quotations. b) Cite paraphrases as well as quotations. See Howard and Taggart as well as APSM for
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Unformatted text preview: correct format. c) Provide parenthetical citations. See Howard and Taggart as well as APSM for correct format. d) Italicize the name of a book or journal. See APSM e) Use quotation marks around the title of an article. See APSM f) Place quotation marks after the end of the quotation, provide parenthetical citation, and then place period. Eg: “. . . distress” (210). See APSM g) Spelling error h) Comma usage error – see handout on d2l for tips on comma usage i) Dangling modifier – see APSM or Howard and Taggart for how to avoid this j) Apostrophe usage error – see APSM or Howard and Taggart for tips k) Subject-verb agreement error - see APSM or Howard and Taggart for tips l) Use the last name of the author when referring to him/her. Do not use their first name....
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