Visions Chapter 11

Visions Chapter 11 - 1(a Discuss Andrew Jacksons rationale...

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1. (a) Discuss Andrew Jackson’s rationale for wanting removal of the Cherokees to Indian Territory in the West, and compare it with ideas of the Governor of Georgia. (b) Who do you think was more truthful? (a) Andrew Jackson wanted to win the presidential election and in order to win the election he needed to get votes in the Frontier states. Jackson knew that the Georgians were hungry for land in Cherokee territory so he promised them that they would get this land if they elected him president. In order to validate his proposal, Jackson claimed that the Cherokees fought on the side of the British during the Revolutionary war and failed to mention that they had actually saved him during the battle at Horseshoe Bend. The governor of Georgia claimed “Nineteen-twentieths of the Cherokees are too ignorant and depraved to entitle their opinions to any weight or consideration in such matters.” (b) Neither Jackson, nor the Governor of Georgia’s opinions were truthful. Both of their opinions were for self gain or out of ignorance. 2. (a) What were the ways that the United States government tried to legalize their removal of Cherokees? (b) What was the response of the Cherokees to the
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Visions Chapter 11 - 1(a Discuss Andrew Jacksons rationale...

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