Visions Chapter 5

Visions Chapter 5 - 1. (a) What was George Washingtons...

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1. (a) What was George Washington’s attitude toward slavery early in his life? (b) Was he bothered by it? (a) During George Washington’s early life he was for slavery because of it’s economic benefits. It was considered normal in the environment that he grew up in. At the age of 11 Washington had inherited 10 slaves from his father. Over the years Washington continued to acquire more and more slaves. His attitude toward slavery was that of everyone who lived in the same region so he was for it. (b) Washington was not bothered by slavery because he grew up around it. It was the norm in the area that he lived in. His entire family owned slaves so Washington didn’t have a problem with the practice. The people that Washington respected owned slaves so he felt no unease about it. 2. (a) How did Washington’s attitude change over time? (b) What caused it to change? (a) Over the years Washington began to have a change in attitude about slavery. “He became increasingly frustrated at dealing with its inherent inefficiencies, and he also grew troubled by the degrading effects it had on anyone who was deeply involved with it.” With this change of attitude Washington decided that he would no longer sell slaves. He knew that if they were sold then they would never receive freedom.
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Visions Chapter 5 - 1. (a) What was George Washingtons...

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