Visions Chapter 3

Visions Chapter 3 - 1. (a) Why was the Albany Congress...

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1. (a) Why was the Albany Congress convened? (b) What did those who called for this gathering, and Benjamin Franklin especially, hope to accomplish? (a) The Albany Congress was convened to resolve conflicts with the Native Americans and establish unity between the colonies. Conflicts with the Native Americans began when the English fur traders started hunting in French territory. This angered the French so they began to build forts to keep the English out. The forts were built on Iroquois lands and this upset the Iroquois. An Iroquois leader, Hendrick, voiced his concerns to the Governor’s council in Manhattan. Hendrick angrily explained that the English’s actions had ruined their relationship and the Iroquois no longer wished to do business with them. When London learned of this problem they told the colonies that they must make emends with the Native Americans and from then forward buy any land from them in the King’s name. In order to make all of this possible the colonies knew they must become united. (b) Benjamin Franklin and the other delegates hoped to establish a united government within the colonies. They wanted sole cooperation between the American colonies. Franklin believed the colonies’ government should be modeled after that of the Iroquois’. Even though they had separate nations, they still cooperated as one. Franklin suggested a government that consists of an executive branch that could be
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Visions Chapter 3 - 1. (a) Why was the Albany Congress...

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