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Final Exam Essay - Essay Question #2 The Cold War dominated...

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Essay Question #2 The Cold War dominated American foreign relations from 1945 to 1991. In concise, well organized essay, (1) first explain the origins of the Cold War, specifically, the deterioration of American-Soviet relations in the immediate aftermath of World War II; (2) then trace the development of the U.S. foreign policy with respect to communism from 1945 through 1991; and finally, (3) assess blame for the decades-long persistence of the Cold War, citing specific examples to justify your opinion. I. Origins of the Cold War (Soviet-American Relations after WWII) A. Potsdam: Truman’s “Get tough Policy” Truman warned the Soviet leader, Stalin, of their new powerful weapon and one week after the Potsdam Conference an atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. B. The Marshall Plan Was a post WWII plan for Europe in which the U.S. lend large amounts of money to European countries. The goal was rebuilding a war-devastated region, removing trade barriers, modernizing industry, and making Europe prosperous again. The USSR began to help Latin American countries in a communist revolution, particularly Cuba and Fidel Castro. C. Mobilization at Home (Atomic Energy Commission, NSA, CIA, and Hydrogen Bombs) The United States began to mobilize on their home front to protect the influence of communism. The Atomic Energy Commission was established to conduct research on nuclear weapons so that the United States would be ready for a nuclear war. The National Security Agency was created to help protect the United States communication. And the
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Final Exam Essay - Essay Question #2 The Cold War dominated...

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