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ENGR1412 Syllabus Spring 2011

ENGR1412 Syllabus Spring 2011 - ENGR 1412 Course Syllabus...

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ENGR 1412 - Course Syllabus – Spring 2011 INTRODUCTORY ENGINEERING COMPUTER PROGRAMMING I NSTRUCTOR Dr. AJ Johannes PE Professor of Chemical Engineering School of Chemical Engineering, EN 423 744-5280 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment L ECTURE : Tuesday 12:30p – 1:20p EN 108 L AB S ECTIONS Section Lab Time Room Wednesday WED 003 10:30a - 12:20p EN 510 WED 004 12:30p - 2:20p EN 510 WED 005 2:30p - 4:20p EN 510 Thursday THU 006 8:30a - 10:20a EN 510 THU 007 10:30a - 12:20p EN 510 THU 008 12:30p - 2:20p EN 510 THU 009 2:30p - 4:20p EN 510 Friday FRI 010 8:30a - 10:20a EN 510 FRI 001 10:30a - 12:20p EN 510 FRI 002 12:30p - 2:20p EN 510 FRI 701 2:30p - 4:20p ES 113 H ELP S ESSIONS Monday 12:30p - 6:30p EN 510 Tuesday 10:30a - 12:30p EN 510 Tuesday 1:30p - 6:30p EN 510 C OURSE D ESCRIPTION This course is intended to promote constructive thinking, critical analysis, and creative problem-solving while learning a computer programming language and programming solutions to engineering problems. T EXT Computer Programming for Engineers: COURSE NOTES FOR ENGR 1412 - Spring 2011 by Dr. Eric Maase is available from the Student Union Bookstore. S OFTWARE The course will teach computer programming practices and principles for engineering using Visual Basic for Applications, VBA. The VBA language is available in Microsoft Office Programs and the course will teach the language in concert with Microsoft Excel. Students are neither required nor expected to purchase any software. It is available on all university computers, and on most every personal computer through a university contract with Microsoft. There are many computer-programming languages. Those most often used in engineering applications are FORTRAN, C++, and Visual Basic (.NET). Like learning to ride a bicycle, transferring programming skills from one language to another is straightforward, once you learn to work with a computer effectively and efficiently in any specific language.
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ENGR 1412 C OURSE S YLLABUS J OHANNES / S PRING 2011 2 of 9 O NLINE C OURSE M ANAGEMENT S YSTEM DD ESIRE 2L EARN Course information, handouts, assignments, and solutions will be posted on the OSU Desire2Learn web site. To access it, go to https://oc.okstate.edu/ , and login with your OSU O-Key username and password. Click on the course link “ENGR 1412-ENGR COMP PROGRAMMING-SEC TH AAQ” and from there to specific course items. Students are responsible for information posted on the Desire2Learn site and announcements posted are considered to have been seen by all students once the information has been available for over 36-hours. L ECTURE S ECTIONS , L AB S ECTIONS , H ELP S ESSIONS , AND CEAT C OMPUTERS Dr. Johannes is the instructor for the course. Numerous teaching assistants (TAs) act as graders, provide Lab section exercises / presentations and are available for individual help during Help sessions. Each lab section has one Primary TA and one Secondary TA. The primary TA is responsible for grading
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ENGR1412 Syllabus Spring 2011 - ENGR 1412 Course Syllabus...

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