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Practice Problems 6 - 4 was decomposed The vapor pressure...

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CHEMISTRY 1414 Spring 2011 Practice Problem Set 6 Question 1 Under non-ideal conditions, calculate the pressure exerted by a 77.45 g sample of boron trifluoride BF 3 that is contained in a 14.75 L cylinder at 15.6 °C. For BF 3 , a = 3.92 atm L 2 /mol 2 and b = 0.05443 L/mol. Question 2 Calculate the root mean square speed for the following gas samples: a) . A sample of SiF 4 at 33.5 °C. b) . A sample of HCN at 17.92 °C. Question 3 Calculate the kinetic energy of the following gas samples: a) . A sample of Cl 2 at 55.27 °C. b) . A sample of pentane at 42.11 °C.
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Question 4 A sample of sodium perchlorate is decomposed according to the following reaction: NaClO 4 ( s ) Æ NaCl ( s ) + O 2 ( g ) The oxygen gas produced is collected over water at 19.25 °C. If the gas is collected in a 425 mL container and the total pressure exerted by the gas sample is 0.855 atm, what mass in grams of NaClO
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Unformatted text preview: 4 was decomposed? The vapor pressure of water at 19.25 °C is 16.7 torr. Question 5 Calculate the density of silane (SiH 4 ) gas at 32.5 °C at a pressure of 1327 torr. Question 6 A sample of helium gas at a pressure of 855 torr occupies a volume of 328 mL. If the pressure changes to 1.22 atm, what volume will the gas occupy? Question 7 Convert 2.340 lb in-1 h-2 to atm (h = hours, in = inches). Question 8 A gas cylinder contains 22 % nitrogen, 31 % oxygen, 18 % neon, and 29 % hydrogen. If the total pressure in the cylinder is 1.21 x 10 5 Pa, what are the partial pressures of each of these gasses? Question 9 Calculate the rate of effusion of methane to that of chlorine. Question 10 A sample of argon gas occupies a volume of 310.5 mL at 19.5 °C. If the temperature increases to 66.5 °C, what volume will the argon occupy?...
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Practice Problems 6 - 4 was decomposed The vapor pressure...

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