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Autosomal dominant—only need one disease allele to have the disease (Dd) Huntington’s disease —brain tissue gradually deteriorates in middle age—why is it still around if it’s a dominant disorder? Because symptoms don’t usually set in until after reproductive age— 1 in 24,000 Hypercholesterolemia —excessive buildup of cholesterol in blood due to abnormal form of cholesterol receptor on cell surface, eventually leading to heart disease—1 in 500 Autosomal recessive—must have 2 recessive alleles to have the disease (dd)—individuals who are heterozygous (Dd) are phenotypically normal but can pass the disease to their offspring
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Unformatted text preview: Sickle-cell anemia —poor blood circulation due to misshapen red blood cells—sticks around in population because heterozygotes are more resistant to malaria—1 in 625 people of African descent, 1 in 16 in Africa Tay-Sach’s disease —deterioration of central nervous system in infancy, death by age 3—1 in 3500 of Ashkenazi (eastern European) Jews due to non-random mating, 1 in 300,000 Americans otherwise Cystic fibrosis —mucus clogs lungs, liver, and pancreas due to problems in chloride ion transport mechanism—1 in 2,500 Caucasians...
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