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Chapter 33 Epithelial tissue -Epithelium has one free surface that is exposed to a body fluid or the outside environment. -Simple means the eptheliums is one cell layer thick. -Squamous refers to the shape of the cells. -Between the lower surface of this epithelium and underlying connective tissue is a basement membrane. -All epithelial cells rest on such a layer of extra cellular material. -The basement layer connects the epithelium to underlying connective tissue. The types of epithelium 1.Simple squamous epithelium is a single layer of flattened cells. It lines blood and lymph vessels, the heart, airsacs in the lungs and it deals with the secretion of lubrications. 2. Simple cubodial epithelium is a layer of cubed shaped cells. It lines kidneys, the ovaries and
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Unformatted text preview: testes and it deals with secretion and absorption of substances. 3. simple columnar is a single layer of tall column shaped cells. The free surface may have cilia. It lines the gut and uterus. The ciliated epithelia move substance. 3 types of cell junctions Adhering junctions- holds cells together in tissues of the skin, heart, and other organs that are subject to stretching. Gap junctions- line the cytoplasm of neighboring cells. They are open channels for the rapid flow of signals. Tight junctions-link cells that line body surfaces. They keep water-soluble substances from leaking between the cells....
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