Lecture_8_Plant_Repro - Concepts and Terms Biology 230...

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4/4/11 1 Biology 230 Jennifer Breckler Plant Reproduction Ch38 (p801-812) Ch39 (p835-840) Campbell 8e Concepts and Terms • Angiosperms produce Fowers and fruits • ±ertilization requires pollination (pollen from the anther to the ovary) • Most pollinations involve animals, the rest use wind. • Pollen dispersal • Angiosperms undergo double fertilization • After double fertilization, the seed forms (a major site of sugar storage and usage) • Seed dispersal • Germination of the seed occurs with water uptake • Angiosperms produce sexually, asexually or both Fig. 38-1 Animal and plant interaction. Fig. 38-2b Anther Pollen tube Germinated pollen grain ( n ) (male gametophyte) Ovary Ovule Embryo sac ( n ) (female gametophyte) Egg ( n ) Sperm ( n ) Zygote (2 n ) Seed Seed Embryo (2 n ) (sporophyte) Simple fruit Germinating seed Mature sporophyte plant (2 n ) (b) Simplified angiosperm life cycle Key Haploid ( n ) Diploid (2 n ) FERTILIZATION Life cycle of plant: Plants go from diploid to haploid to diploid to. ... our arbitrary starting point organism #1 haploid haploid #2 organism formed Fig. 38-2a Stamen Anther Filament Stigma Carpel Style Ovary Receptacle Sepal Petal (a) Structure of an idealized flower Flower structure Fig. 38-3 (a) Development of a male gametophyte (in pollen grain) Microsporangium (pollen sac) Microsporocyte (2 n ) 4 microspores ( n ) Each of 4 microspores ( n ) Male gametophyte Generative cell ( n ) Ovule (b) Development of a female gametophyte (embryo sac) Megasporangium (2 n ) Megasporocyte (2 n ) Integuments (2
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Lecture_8_Plant_Repro - Concepts and Terms Biology 230...

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