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How many plants does it take to support a single human being with oxygen? This question was asked by a science teacher to the U.S. Dept. of Energy and was answered online at Text: How many plants are needed to make enough oxygen for one person for one hour? We are experimenting with Anacharis plants. Response #: 1 of 1 Author: wizkid Text: The problem can be solved when broken down into smaller questions: 1. How much oxygen does a person need in an hour? 2. How much oxygen does a plant produce in an hour? 3. Based on the above, how many plants will provide the oxygen needs of the person for the hour? Here is the solution to the first question: A resting, healthy adult on an average, cool day breathes in about 53 liters of oxygen per hour. An average, resting, health adult breathes in about 500 mL of air per breath. This is called the normal tidal volume. Now, 150 mL of this air will go to non- functioning areas of the lung, called the "dead
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