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Study Guide Biol 230 Midterm 1 Wednesday, February 16 , 9:10-10:00AM Tentative structure: 120 points total 25 multiple choice questions - 4 points each 2 short answer question - 10 points each How to prepare: Review PPT lectures, online quizzes and the self quizzes at the end of each chapter, particularly chapters 5-7 and 11 -12. Also – Carefully review the Summary of Key Concepts at the end of each chapter! Very important!!! – Start now!!! Don’t wait until Tuesday night to start studying. It’s best to give yourself multiple exposures to the material you are trying to integrate. Review Macromolecules What are the building blocks of living things? What are the 4 types of large biological molecules? o Which 3 of the 4 are polymers? How do monomers come together to form polymers? How are polymers degraded? What are the special properties of these macromolecules that make them well suited them to their functions? o How does structure relate to function?
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