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San Francisco State University SPRING 2011 INTRODUCTORY BIOLOGY BIOL 230 INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Jennifer Breckler (JB) Office: HH426; Phone: 415-338-2340; email: [email protected] Office hours: tba Dr. Joseph Romeo (JR) Office: HH513; Phone: 415-338-6008; email: [email protected] Office hours: tba Graduate Assistant: tba DESCRIPTION : Intended for biology majors. Fundamentals of biology: chemical basis of life, cell structure, bioenergetics, plant and animal physiology, and genetics. Lecture, 3 units; laboratory, 2 units. PREREQUISITES: Score of 550 or above on Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) examination or approved exemption, or C- or better in MATH 70. Recommended: CHEM 115; and qualified for ENG 114 or ENG 209. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: On completing this course, you will be able to read and critically evaluate scientific information in the field of biology from different sources. You will be able to communicate verbally and in writing about basic biologic concepts that underlie the basis of living systems, particularly at the level of cellular structure and function. You will be able to use your conceptual foundation in biology for future coursework at the university, limited not only to science coursework. MATERIALS Textbook : Required , 8 th edition of Biology, by Campbell and Reece, 2008. The 8 th edition of the text is essential to your success in this class, and the SFSU bookstore has 3 options for you: 1) New textbook, which includes web access to MasteringBiology and the ebook 2) Used textbook 3) Loose-leaf version, which includes web access to MasteringBiology and the ebook The 9 th edition may be available; SFSU adopted the 8 th edition for this academic year. Clicker: Required , iclicker (partial rebate on purchase from the bookstore) Exam Forms: Required, four Scantron half-sheet forms, two soft #2 pencils (SFSU bookstore) For Lab : Required , SFSU Lab Manual (sold by GSCB, sale site to be announced) Optional, Photographic Atlas for the Biology Lab, Van De Graaf and Crawley Computer/Internet Access: Required so that you can access the BIOL 230 website ( for course materials and information. The library has internet access. The Ilearn site requires a sfsu email address. Please check this site often as it will contain most of the lecture materials. If you do not yet have an sfsu email address, you are responsible for obtaining lecture materials from another student. All PowerPoint lectures will be posted to the ILEARN website
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This note was uploaded on 11/28/2011 for the course BIOL 230 taught by Professor J.breckler during the Spring '11 term at S.F. State.

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Biol230_Sp2011_Lecture_Syll_ - San Francisco State...

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