Lecture_10-Ligand_Binding - small molecules PROTEIN...

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PROTEIN FUNCTION I Ligand Binding 1 structure function other interactions small molecules other macromolecules • short-lived • may induce conformational changes 2 protein ligand 3 LIGAND BINDING SITES ON PROTEINS a speci±c portion of the protein is used: the binding site ligand typically interacts with speci±c side chains and/or backbone atoms binding site is complementary to the ligand one protein may have several binding sites for several ligands 4
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INDUCED FIT MODEL FOR LIGAND BINDING proteins are not static, rigid structures subtle changes in conformation are essential to its function 5 OXYGEN BINDING PROTEINS Certain proteins are used to: increase the effective concentration of O 2 in cells store O 2 transport O 2 Some proteins use prosthetic groups : increase chemical functionality metals organo-metallic compounds lipids carbohydrates • non-polar • essential for aerobic organisms • vertebrates require fairly high concentrations 6 Iron binds oxygen well. ....but there are
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Lecture_10-Ligand_Binding - small molecules PROTEIN...

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