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Problem_Set-1 - CHEM 340.01 Biochemistry I Problem Set 1...

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CHEM 340.01: Biochemistry I Problem Set 1: Aqueous Solutions From the Book: Chapter 2, Pages 67-70: 1-15, 17, 20-22, 29. Additional Problems 1. Identify the potential hydrogen bond donors and acceptors in the following molecules and classify each as a hydrogen bond donor or acceptor or both: 2. For the model of water below, supply/draw the requested information: a. Bond length between atoms b. Direction of dipole c. Bond Angle d. Distribution of charge character e. Value of partial charge on each atom f. Maximized H-bonding pattern with other water molecules 3. Explain why ice is less dense than liquid water. N N N N NH 2 O H OH H H H H HO H 2 N CH C CH 2 OH O HN CHO OH H H HO OH H OH H CH 2 OH O H HO H HO H H OH H OH OH A. B. C. D.
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4. How might the development of life on earth been affected if ice were more dense than liquid water? 5. What features of water make it an unusual liquid? 6. Explain the physicochemical origin(s) of these unusual traits.
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