Exam1_-_09F - Name: SFSU ID No. (last 4 digits) 1* 2* 3* 4*...

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Name: CHEM 320 - Quantitative Analysis SFSU ID No. (last 4 digits) Exam 1, Fall 2009 1* The exam is 6 pages long and includes 4 questions - make sure you have a complete exam. 2* Formulas and statistical tables are provided on the last 2 pages. 3* Report results to the correct number of significant figures. 4* Answer the questions in the space provided. 5* Show your calculations clearly and logically. 6* You have 50 minutes to complete the exam. 1. MEASUREMENTS (25 pts). a. Define and differentiate the terms detection and quantitation . b. A 10 μ L micropipet has a manufacturer specified tolerance of 5% (corresponding to 5% relative uncertainty in this case). What is the absolute uncertainty in mL? c. Consider a 1000 ppm Pb (1.000 x 10 3 ppm) stock solution. What is the percent lead in this solution? d. Concentrated HCl is 12 M. How many mL of this reagent is needed to prepare 0.50 L of a more dilute 0.100 M HCl solution?
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2. EXPERIMENTAL ERROR (30 pts). a. A student decided to deliver 10.00 mL using 10 consecutive deliveries from a 1000 μ L micropipet with a manufacturer’s tolerance of 2 μ L. Compute the absolute uncertainty resulting from this method of delivering 10.00 mL. b.
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Exam1_-_09F - Name: SFSU ID No. (last 4 digits) 1* 2* 3* 4*...

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