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CHEM 320 – Quantitative Chemical Analysis P.T. Palmer EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE 12-Feb-03 The first exam will cover chapters 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 in the text. Exam questions will emphasize topics that I have covered in lecture but may also include topics covered in associated laboratory experiments, assigned readings, and homework problems. The most serious difficulty students have with these exams is that they have not developed sufficiently good problem-solving abilities to be able to complete the exam in the time allotted. To check your preparedness, allow yourself 50 minutes to complete the questions on the sample exams provided on the course web site. General guidelines: 1* Exam questions will most likely require a computation or explanation (NO multiple choice). 2* You will not be required to memorize equations. I will provide you with the equations you’ll need. 3* You should bring a calculator to solve problems requiring computations. Specific learning objectives that you may be tested on:
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 0: The Analytical Process General steps in a chemical analysis (i.e., formulating question, select method, sampling, analysis, interpretation and reporting results, drawing conclusions) Chapter 1: Measurements Converting between units Chemical concentrations (i.e., molarity, percent composition, parts-per-million) Preparing solutions and using dilution factors Chapter 2: Tools of the Trade The analytical balance, preventing weighing errors Burets, volumetric flasks, pipets, calibration of volumetric glassware Chapter 3: Experimental Error Significant figures in arithmetic Types of error, precision and accuracy, absolute and relative uncertainty Propagating uncertainty Chapter 4: Statistics Gaussian distributions, calculating mean and standard deviation Confidence intervals, use of students t, Q test Chapter 6: Chemical Equilibrium Manipulating equilibrium constants Acid-base, precipitation, and complexation equilibria...
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