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Lab Report Format THE REPORT SHOULD INCLUDE YOUR NAME, SECTION NUMBER, EXPERIMENT NUMBER AND TITLE, GROUP MEMBER, AND THE DATE THE EXPERIMENT WAS DONE AND THE DATE THE REPORT WAS SUBMITTED EACH REPORT HAS A MAXIMUM OF 100 POINTS NOTE: Always use the third person point of view and proofread reports. All reports will be typed in 10 or 12 point font, double-spaced. ABSTRACT (10%) The abstract is a brief (50 to 100 word) paragraph, which describes the purpose of the experiment, explains with what and how it was conducted, and states the conclusions. It also includes the comparison between the theoretical and experimental values. EXPERIMENTAL APPARATUS (5%) A schematic of the apparatus should be provided along with a written description of the basic pieces and how they work together. Any appropriate dimensions and material type
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Unformatted text preview: should be included. PROCEDURE (5%) This section should tell how the experiment was performed and include the deviations from the manual. RESULTS (30%) This section will be just results, without any explanation. (Plots and results from lab manual). SAMPLE CALCULATION (10%) Any calculations used for data analysis should be included here. DISCUSSION (35%) Discuss what the results show and the primary sources of error in the experiment, and the conclusions found by the experimenter and the theoretical background with a particular equation, and define each term in the particular equation. RAW DATA (5%) Any raw data should be included here. This includes graphs, tables recorded during the experiment, etc....
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