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q1_02m - counterclockwise Magnitude and direction 3(6...

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ME 364 - Kinematics NAME _________________________________ Summer Term, 2000 Quiz 1, 25 Points, Open Book 1. (6 Points) A 20 kg steel ( ρ =8000 kg/m 3 ) flywheel is at rest. A motor capable of producing a constant torque of 400 newton meters of torque is used to start the flywheel rotating. It is observed that the flywheel can reach a speed of 10 radians per second in 4.0 seconds. What is the mass moment of inertia of the flywheel? 2. (6 Points) Determine the velocity of point A if the square plate is rotating at a rate of 20 radians per second
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Unformatted text preview: counterclockwise. Magnitude and direction! 3. (6 Points) Determine the velocity of B relative to point A if the plate is rotating at the rate of 60 rpm counterclockwise. Magnitude and direction! 4. (7 Points) The square body is rotating about its center as shown. The body is rotating at a rate of 20 radians per second counterclockwise and it is slowing down at the rate of is 400 radians per second per second. Determine the acceleration of point B . Magnitude and direction! A 50 mm A 50 mm B B 50 mm...
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