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NIE 364 - Kinematics Spring Semester, 2007 1 r. Quiz 2, 25 Points, Open Book 5~i OJ/P# # NAME 1. (8 Points) The part shown is made from a flat piece of steel (mass density = 0.30 lbm1in3) which is 112 inch thick. Determine the mass moment of inertia about an axis perpendicular to the paper through point A. I 1.00" iG = $&'+Q n=(q J&)(.~O) o)- /. f 4 Jr- i G 6.00" - 6 hill 3 zZw/ /A 4 =I, + nd'= 6+ bp[$ = /-/ 0.50" thick 2. Points) The machine part which is shown was weighed on a scale and was determined
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