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q9_02m_s - ME 364 Kinematics NAME SOLO 742 Summer Term 2002...

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Unformatted text preview: ME 364 - Kinematics NAME SOLO 742/ Summer Term, 2002 Quiz 9, 25 Points, Open Book (a) Using the method of complex numbers. develop the complex number vector equations to be used to determine the position. velocity, and acceleration of the links in the mechanism shown. (b) Determine the scalar equations to determine the velocity of link 4 if the motion of link 2 is known. NOTE: this does n_ot require the scalar equations for an acceleration analysis]. (0) If the angular velocity of link 2 is 20 radians per second clockwise, D is 3.00 inch, and is 35°, evaluate the velocity of link 4 and the sliding velocity between 2 and 3. V4 = 97: (/llié (A Vsliding = —H/’ 3 ”I I ...
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