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ME 364 - Kinematics NAME _________________________________ Summer Term, 2002 Quiz 10, 25 Points, Open Book Using the complex number approach, analyze the mechanism shown. (a) Determine the series of scalar equations which must be used to solve for the follower (Link 3 ) velocity and acceleration assuming that the distance AB , the offset D , the angular position θ , angular velocity ϖ , and angular
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Unformatted text preview: acceleration α , of Link 2 is known. (Box each equation in the answer) (b) If AB = 0.60 inches, D = 0.25 inches, θ = 25 ° , and Link 2 is known to be rotating clockwise at a constant rate of 40 rad/sec, determine the velocity and acceleration of the follower. Velocity = _____________ Acceleration = _____________ θ A B 2 3 Pin on Link 2 (rides in slot of Link 3) D...
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