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Exam Information and Instructions Soc 102 Mid Term Exam When: Thursday Feb 24 th at 10 am Where: In this room EXCEPT: ***Section 102 008 Wed with Beth will take the exam in 455 Dennison*** What: There will be approximately 35 multiple choice questions, 10 True or False, 2 “list”, and 3 short answer. How: Come to class ON TIME. The exam will begin at exactly 10:10 to give you the most time. When you arrive in the classroom, please put your books, bags, coats at the front of the room on the stage. You may have a couple of pens and pencils. Nothing more. This is a closed book test. No notes or other materials allowed. To the extent possible, sit every other seat. Leave the back row open for late comers. Put your name on the exam and on the scantron sheet. Put the Form Number of your exam on the scantron sheet. This is essential. Your exam cannot be graded without this number! Turn in both your exam and the scantron form.
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Soc 102: Mid-Term Exam Review ***EXAM is Thursday, FEB 24 in Class*** The exam will cover all the material from the course so far, including lectures, discussions, film clips, and readings. You do NOT need to know publication dates of any of our materials or dates of scholars lives (e.g. when Weber lived). You should be familiar with the names of the authors we’ve
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Midterm_Review_Sheet_W2011 - Exam Information and...

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