Daoism Notes - REBECCA: The word DAO is often referred to...

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REBECCA: The word DAO is often referred to as the right "way" of conduct- the right "way" for a person to live. .. INITIALLY, Dao referred to the grand way in which the heavens appear to revolve around the earth. .. but later on the meaning of dao became more abstract. .. Similiarites between the Chinese concept of Dao and the Indian concept of Dharma, especially through Buddhism arise often Daoism was coming about at the same time in which Confucius lived- the Warring States period. .. most people describe doaism as somewhat of a reaction to the teaching of Confucius Daoist tradition has evolved. ... It is split into PHILOSOPHICAL DAOISM and RELIGIOUS DAOISM. .. Centralized teachings of Philosophical Daoism can be found in two fascinating works- "Dao De Jing" and "Zhuang Zi". .. both were produced in the Zhou period and although there is uncertainty in which one came first, the Dao De Jing is usually introduced first… The Dao De Jing: Jing= classic. .. : 1. DAO one dealing with the art of governing 2. DE right virtue… Facts: 5000 Chinese characters; arranged in verses that contain only a few lines; 81 chapters due to the good fortune of the number NINE. . 9x9=81 " Lao Zi " was said to be the author of this work but not much is known of him… and is even known as a nickname now a days meaning "the old master" -supposably an older contemporary of Confucious -born in 600 BCE in the Honan Province in China -worked as a minor bureaucrat in the gov't of Zhou as a keeper of history records which would explain his deep knowledge of Chinese History -was known to not be an intellectual but instead a humble man ( myth ) Encounter between Lao Zi and Confucious: -Confucious supposibly visited Zhou when he was a young adult and met with Lao Zi whom was already an old man and spent most of the day with him. .. when Confucious came back, he came back exhausted and almost shaking saying: "Don't have anything to do with that man. He is a very dangerous man!" Another Legend: When Lao Zi realized he didn't have much life left in him, he decided to go off into the wilderness. .. but when he was about to cross off into the barbarian lands, a gatekeeper begged him not to go and have all his wisdom lost. .. out of
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Daoism Notes - REBECCA: The word DAO is often referred to...

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