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Anthony Cao Discussion Section 003 11am-12pm The Life of the Buddha Quotes: “The legend is carefully and deliberately setting up a situation in which everything is as perfect as it can possible be” (IHET 137). “If he is ultimately going to reject this way of life – and, of course, he will – it is necessary that he know that there is nothing in this way of life that he has not personally experienced” (IHET 143). Thesis: The “legendary” aspect of the Buddha serves a counterintuitive purpose: Rather than discrediting the teachings of Buddha, the fantastic renditions of Buddha’s life clarify and magnify his teachings, and simply create sharper contrasts.
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Unformatted text preview: I find the quotes interesting because they explain why the exaggerations of the details of Buddha’s life indeed serve a purpose. My natural inclination is to assume that such mystical details detract from the truth of Buddha’s teachings. However, it is clear that these exaggerations are even necessary to some degree to help characterize Buddha. Without these details, Buddha’s teaching may not have been as compelling or interesting. It is by experiencing the extremes that Buddha was able to find the true path to Nirvana and become awakened....
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