Religion Notes 03.07.11 - Religion Notes 03/07/11 Buddhism...

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Unformatted text preview: Religion Notes 03/07/11 Buddhism Always think compassion. That is all you need to know. Its a way of thinking where in your thinking youre giving your existence/being towards everything else that exists. Its a kind of compassion that comes from an interconnectedness of all that exists. Everything in existence is connected. From that point comes a very ethical sort of philosophy. Buddhism originates in northeast India, 2500 years ago. During the time of the Upanisads. Expansion and cross-fertilisation with other Eastern cultures and religions. Buddhas original ideas developed, modified and transplanted by disciples Geography:-India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan-China, Mongolia-Burma, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand-Japan-Europe, North America, Hawaii Buddhism Today:-500 million worldwide-Almost non-existent in India except as a refugee-Is this an accident? -3 Jewels of Buddhism-Sangha-Dharma-Buddha Two Main Divisions- Hinayana-The lesser vehicle or way-Theravada (way of elders) is the proper name-Confined today mainly to Sri Lanka-Nothing after Nirvana- Mahayana-The greater vehicle-Boddhisatva Buddhist Orientations-Not a religion -No belief in God (why?)-No set creed-No universally accepted sacred scripture -No central authority Buddhism still advocates goals for human life and ways of behaving ethically. It serves a sort of practical manner of living an upright life. It also advocates certain truths about life. Buddhist Theory-Practicing Dharma as opposed to belief to see things the way they really are...
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This note was uploaded on 11/28/2011 for the course RELIGION 202 taught by Professor Mandair during the Winter '11 term at University of Michigan.

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Religion Notes 03.07.11 - Religion Notes 03/07/11 Buddhism...

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