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Religion Notes 01.05.11 - (The West-Religion(s-Historically...

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Asian Religions Notes 01/05/11 -Asian Religions -Hinduism, Buddhism, East Asian Traditions -Advantages and Limitations -Familiar [with Eastern Asia] -Contradictory Images – Peaceful, ancient traditions or violent modern conflicts -Exotic -Exotic -Originating from a foreign country -Strange/Repulsive but attractive -Religion -Faith -Beliefs -Customs/Traditions -Supernatural/Divine/God -Asian/Eastern -Geographical -Locating and Mapping other cultures -Geopolitical -South Asia -Southeast Asia -East Asia -Limitation -Never a term of self-designation by Asians (Westerners called them that) -Trans-national/global diasporas -Artificial term (a construction) made from a standpoint that considers itself a homebase/center
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Unformatted text preview: (The West) -Religion(s)-Historically asian tradition, no native concept corresponds to “religion” - “Religion” → cultural history of West Shift from Pagan Rome to Christian Rome → Religio from “re-legere” which means to retrace/reread one's ancestral traditions to a covenant between man and God How did asian traditions absorb the Christian definition of religion? -After 15th/16 th century, Christian missions spread the Word-European Imperialism -Modern study of world religions -Western – Judaism, Christianity Islam, Zoroastrianism-Eastern – Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism African Cultures → India → China → Middle Eastern → Greece/Rome → Judaism → Secular...
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