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Principles of Econ II: Macroeconomics Winter 2011 Econ 102-200: TuTh 11:30-1:00 in NS Aud Econ 102-100: TuTh 2:30-4:00 in 140 Lorch Hall Instructor: Adam Stevenson - this generally the easiest way to contact me, and I do my best to respond within 48 hours (hopefully much quicker). Office Hours: Lorch Hall, room M106 (the “M” means “Mezzanine floor”). Wed 1-2:30 and Thurs 1-2:30, and most other times by appointment. Head GSIs: For Econ 102-100,(the 2:30 Lorch lecture): Eric Orhn ( ). For Econ 102-200 (the 11:30 NS lecture): James Wang ( ). Website: We maintain a CTools site for this course. It contains lecture notes (with any drawings made in class), recordings of lectures (audio only, or synced audio/video, posted under the iTunes U link), homework assignments (and answers), required non-textbook readings, and old exams (with answers). Grades of major assignments will be posted there regularly. Course Summary : Macroeconomics is the study of economic behavior in aggregate. However we define the aggregate (city, state, country, or world), we desire to understand the way that an economy behaves – how it grows and changes, and perhaps most importantly, how (if at all) we can manipulate it in order to increase overall welfare. Almost by definition, macro is the study of generating the greatest economic benefits for the greatest number by the most efficient available means. Using the most common macroeconomic models, we will examine how aggregate wealth and well-being are determined and ask what we can do to guide and adjust our aggregate economic fate. Along the way, we will consider theories of money, production, unemployment, business cycles and growth. Prerequisites : There are none, but comfort in the use and interpretation of graphs and in simple algebraic manipulations will be useful. Previous completion of Principles of Micro (Econ 101) is not required or necessary for success in this class, but will be helpful, especially in the first two weeks, as we will move quickly through the material where the courses overlap. Assigned Reading : You are required to read Macroeconomics, (2 nd edition) by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells. We will read the entire book, plus some extra material to be posted on CTools as the semester progresses. I also require that you regularly read a major newspaper. I strongly recommend that you purchase a semester-long subscription to the Wall Street Journal. We will circulate sign-up sheets in the second day of class. The WSJ has (arguably) the best coverage of economic issues in the country, and I believe that completion of your article response assignments (discussed below) will be easiest if you obtain a WSJ subscription. You may, however, read any major newspaper (the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, Financial Times, etc) of your choosing.
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Econ+102+Syllabus+W11 - Principles of Econ II:...

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