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hw02(1) - model(s of the thermocouple based on the NIST...

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EE 4770 Homework 2 Due: 19 February 1999 Problem 1: Design a system to convert temperature, x [1000 K , 1200 K], to a voltage H ( x )=( x - 1000 K) V 20 K . Use a type-B thermocouple and an isothermal block with an integrated temperature sensor. The isothermal block will be exposed to temperatures in [40 C , 60 C]. The response of the thermocouple can be found in NIST Standard Reference Database 60, NIST ITS-90 Thermocouple Database, Version 1.0 and is posted on the web by Omega Engineering at http://www.omega.com/techref/tctables/temper11.html. The integrated temperature sensor has response H its ( x )= x μ A K . The conversion should use only analog circuitry. Design the circuit using linear
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Unformatted text preview: model(s) of the thermocouple based on the NIST thermocouple tables. Use the integrated temperature sensor to construct an electronic ice bath circuit. • Show the linear model(s) used in the design. If two linear models are used explain why two were necessary; if one was used explain why only one suffices; if three or more are being considered see the instructor or TA before submitting a solution. • Show a schematic of the circuit showing all component and supply values....
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