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hw02(3) - EE 4770 Problem 1 Homework 2 H R kx Due 24...

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Unformatted text preview: EE 4770 Problem 1: Homework 2 H R kx Due: 24 February 1997 A transducer having response t x = 0 1 + is placed in the lower left arm of a Wheatstone bridge, where 0 = 250 k and = 0:002. What is the maximum model error, expressed as percent error, of the approximated bridge response over the range 2 0; 10 . Note, the model error is for the approximation used in the one-transducer bridge con guration, not the transducer model function. Problem 2: Design a system to convert process variable the temperature in a room, to voltage x = 5 VC using two integrated temperature sensors of di erent types. The two temperature sensors are placed in di erent locations, the output should be based on the average of the tempermV atures at these locations. Once sensor is a voltage type with response t1 x = 20 K , the other is a current type with response t2 x = A . K R k x x, H x H x H x ...
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